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Information regarding Covid-19 and Pangstart

Smart Innovation Norway follows all guidelines and recommendations from FHI when hosting the Pangstart programs, and facilitates for digital participation.

Smart Innovation Norway has permission from the chief community physician in Halden to host events with up to 35 participants in our Simulation Center. To further reduce the risk, we have chosen to set a maximum limit of 20 participants during each session. During all physical meetings, we follow all recommended measures to ensure a non-infection event.

As hosts, we will do our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To prevent the spread of infection during physical events, we have conducted a risk analysis and prepared preventive action plans that we follow at all times. We take the Covid-19 situation seriously, facilitate a safe implementation and maintain a close dialogue with the participants to ensure that all guidelines for infection control are complied with.

There are risks associated with a physical gathering, but risks can be managed. If the Covid-19 situation changes and the circumstances indicate that physical meetings cannot be carried out in line with guidelines and recommendations from FHI, the sessions will be held digitally. It will also be arranged for digital participation at each session if a participant has to stay in quarantine at home or becomes ill, to avoid drop-outs of the program and for the participants to feel comfortable and safe.

The sessions in Launchpad are originally spread out at several locations in Viken, but given the Covid-19 situation, all the sessions will be held in our Simulation Center in Halden. This is to ensure that the venue is organized with a 1-2 meter distance between each participant and that we have control over everyone who has been present at each meeting to ensure good routines for infection control.

Below, we have listed risk-reducing measures that Smart Innovation Norway executes, based on FHI’s risk analysis for hosting physical events:

  • Spread of infection in the municipality
    Smart Innovation Norway follows up on every update given on the infection status in Halden Municipality. Every session will be held on Smart Innovation Norway’s own premises. This is to prevent local spread.
  • International participation
    People who have been abroad during the last 14 days must not participate digitally.
  • Attendance risk
    All participants with socially critical profession (health personnel or others) or participants in risk groups (elderly people and people with underlying chronic illness) must participate digitally.
  • Indoor event
    The organizer takes care of all risk-reducing measures described in this document to minimize the chance of possible spread of Covid-19.
  • Distance between participants
    Each company is assigned its own table at a good distance from other participants. The companies with several people can choose how they want to sit around the tables, but it is set up to be at least 2 meters from each person. The distance of 2 meters also applies throughout the program. A limit of a maximum of 20 participants per session is set to ensure sufficient distance.
  • Hygiene measures for hand washing and hand disinfection
    In order for hygiene measures to be sufficient, the following measures will be implemented:
    There will be available hand disinfection stations at the entrance/exit of the Simulation Center and at the entrance to the ladies’ and men’s toilets
    A personal container with hand disinfection will be distributed to all participants.
    There will be disposable gloves available if anyone wants to use that.
  • Number of toilets
    The total number of toilets available on the same floor as the Simulation Center, is three. If required, access can be given to four more toilets on the floor above.
  • Food offerings
    There will be food service, and the food will be served and packaged only for personal consumption and given to the participants at their seat.
  • Alcohol serving
    No alcohol will be served.
  • Public transport
    All participants are encouraged to avoid using public transport to and from the event.
  • Timecap
    Each session has a maximum duration of 8 hours and will be without accommodation.
  • Spread through droplets and airborne contamination
    All participants will be given a mask when they arrive
    All presentations are held on stage. If needed, a screen and a projector can be used instead of the big screen.
    It will be forbidden to stay more than one in the lock between the entrance and exit of the Simulation Center.
  • Spread via surfaces
    All participants receive personal material. Post-it notes, pens etc.
    Surfaces exposed to human contact will be disinfected before, midway through and after each session. Door handles, tables, microphones etc.
    No physical contact must occur.
    Distributed materials shall not be shared with other participants.
    Everyone is encouraged to avoid touching what does not belong to themselves.
  • Infection tracing
    Before each session we make sure that none of the participants have symptoms of a respiratory infection. People with respiratory infections are not allowd to attend the event and must participate digitally.
    Every participant must fill out a self-declaration before each session.
    There will be careful tracking of attendence of participants at every session

In addition to these measures, we encourage everyone to follow the FHI guidelines for general hygiene and stay home if you have any symptoms.

If you have further questions regarding Covid-19 or how to deal with this, please contact our program coordinator.

Matias Heggdal

Matias Heggdal

Project Coordinator


Tel: +47 466 926 06

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