Launchpad Scaleup supports mature startups to scale their business through a unique accelerator program that provides the tools and network necessary to receive funding and increase sales. 
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Launchpad Scaleup is a 3-month, high-paced, experience-based accelerator program designed by serial entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to help tech startups raise capital and boost sales. Since 2016, we have accelerated more than 200 startups and helped them raise over 500 million NOK.

We have successfully scaled some of Norway's hottest startups and learned that running a successful startup ultimately boils down to the founders' ability to convince investors and customers. Thus, we have made that the focus of Launchpad Scaleup. 

What kind of startups are we looking for? 

We are looking for technical founding teams building capital-efficient and software-enabled products solving global sustainability challenges.


The most successful applicants have international potential and ambition, have raised some initial funding, received positive market validation (paying customer(s)), and a product. Mature startups with a B2B business model are preferred, but we also accept B2C startups with a clear unfair advantage.

Furthermore, the startups are in a phase where they are ready to ramp up their sales and receive funding.

How will you help me increase sales? 

The challenge of selling as a startup is something our team of advisors and entrepreneurs know all too well. Our team is here to help you increase your sales individually, collectively with the other participating founders, and connect you with potential customers in our network.

For reference, the batch of 2020 saw an aggregated sales increase of 50% during the program.

How will you help me receive funding?

Appropriate funding is often vital to sustain and grow startups quickly. 

Over the years, we have helped countless startups with their fundraising rounds, all the way from MVP to exit.


We know what it takes to attract and convince investors both at early and later stages. In the program, we will use our long experience to help you achieve your fundraising goal through guiding and training, and expose you to investors looking for the next big thing. 

The batch of 2020 received over 32 million NOK in funding during the program period and even more right after. This year's goal is even higher! 



Our advisors are on standby to help you with whatever challenge you need to solve. Request one-on-one time to share details of what you are working on and receive feedback on how you should proceed. 


Attend relevant experience-led workshops tailored to your needs. When accepted into the program, we will analyze your business needs and deliver highly relevant sessions. Here, you will also share and receive experience from other founders in similar positions as yourself. 


Increase your network of other skilled founders, investors, mentors, and potential customers. Get access to our broad network of corporates who want to buy the next innovative solutions.


We evaluate applicants on an ongoing basis and like to take our time to get to know you and your business. Therefore, the earlier you apply, the higher are your chances of being accepted into the program.


Are you ready to grow your business through increased sales and funding?

Then complete the online application form found on this site.


After receiving your application, our Scaleup team will screen the application and possibly follow up with an interview.


Present your team and company shortly, followed by questions from our team. Finally, we will assess if your company is ready and a good fit for the program.


If you proceed after the interview, you are accepted into the program, starting on the 1st of November and lasting until February.

*Make sure you are available the 1st of October in case you are selected for the program. That’s when we have the official kickoff.


How much is the participation fee?

All select companies have to pay a program fee of 20 000 NOK. We require no equity, but we, dependent on the deal, take a small fee on successful funding rounds.

How much of my time does the program require?

The program consists of a series of mandatory professional and social gatherings. Throughout the program, we will meet digitally twice a week – Mondays and Fridays. The Monday sessions last from 2-4 hours, and the Friday sessions last one hour. One each month, we will meet physically, either in Oslo or Halden. When there are no sessions, you will, dependent on your need, meet with our partners who will help you with (almost) whatever you need.

Is this program right for me?

If you fit the criteria, then most likely yes. Because before the program starts, we evaluate your business goals and strategy and create a tailored program that fits your needs. We will not bore you with things like business model canvas or value proposition canvas (if there is no need for it).

Where does the program take place?

Most likely, we will provide a hybrid virtual/in-person program, if possible, dependent on COVID-19 conditions.

What network will I get access to?

Through our two clusters with more than 150 members, we can introduce you to key people with decision-making authority. Check out the cluster partners here: NCE Smart Energy Markets & Cluster for Applied AI. We also have 250+ research partners that we can connect you with and a broad network of investors.

What language will the program be held in?

That depends. If we accept multiple startups with non-Norwegian-speaking team members, the program will be held in English. If not, Norwegian.

Unleash your potential!